Summer Academy 2020

What is going to happen? Adjustments related to Corona measures!
What will the week look like?

The Apollo Summer Academy – a unique week (9-16 August 2020) in the Karmelklooster in Drachten. Chamber music with intensive coaching, a high-level orchestral project with Beethoven’s 7th symphony, chamber music, choir, workshops, concerts. Music comes first, the whole week. Enthusiastic tutors and an inspiring environment in which you will make new contacts.

Karmelklooster Drachten
Burgemeester Wuiteweg 162
9203 KP Drachten
phone: 0512 512103
Attention: If you use a navigation device, it is recommended to enter ‘Sparrehoek’ as your destination.

Photos of the concert in the ‘Grote Kerk’

Who can apply?

Musicians who want to learn more, whether they are advanced amateurs, (conservatory) students, young talents or professional musicians.
Courses are offered at various levels: A, B & C, in order to provide students with an optimal challenge at their own level. The Summer Academy is open to individual participants and existing ensembles alike.

All ensembles will be categorized and their scores sent to them in advance. The participants are expected to prepare their parts before attending the course.

A. Conservatory students or highly advanced amateurs:

  • Have complete technical mastery of their parts at the start of the course and have studied the score.
  • Classes will completely focus on interpretation and ensemble playing.

B. Highly advanced amateurs:

  • Have mastery of their parts at the start of the course.
  • Classes will focus on ensemble playing, intonation and interpretation.

C. Advanced amateurs:

  • Have studied their parts before the start of the course.
  • Classes will focus on technical skills, rhythm and intonation, ensemble playing and interpretation.

What is on the program?

Due to the corona measures, the Apollo Summer Academy 2020 will continue in an adapted form:

  • A maximum of 30 participants
  • 6 teachers instead of 8
    Catherine Manson and Eric Hoeprich will stay in Londen
  • Double rooms only for people from the same household
  • 1.5 m distance is maintained for all activities

Three daily sessions are organized; chamber music groups, recorder consort and choir.

Recorder consort conducted by Robert de Bree: Click here for the program

Choral session conducted by Marion Boshuizen

We apply modern tuning (a1 440 Hz) , Baroque tuning (a1 415 Hz) and Classical tuning (a1 430 Hz). The Beethoven Orchestra will use modern instruments and is primarily intended for A or B level students.

What will the week look like?

The Apollo Summer Academy starts on Sunday evening, August 9th.
On Monday morning, our day schedule is as follows:
First session
09:15–10:45 chamber music / recorder consort
Second session
11:15–12:45 chamber music / choir
Lunch 13:00–13:45
Third session
14:00–16:00 chamber music
Private lessons, free time
Dinner 18:00
Evening program 20:00

New: Summer Academy & Festival Via Musica

One ensemble will be selected from the chamber music ensembles in category A (professional level) to give a paid concert in the Festival Via Musica 2021. This applies to both existing ensembles as to ensembles that were specially formed for the summer academy. For more information on this festival, see:



Most applicants subscribe to the full course. If this is a bit too demanding, you can also apply for individual parts of the curriculum:

  • recorder consort only
  • choral session only
  • two sessions: selection from the above options


The Apollo Summer Academy takes place in Drachten (the Netherlands), in a former Carmelite Monastery. This monastery boasts a lovely chapel, various rehearsal rooms, study areas and neat and clean single and double bedrooms. It is, of course, also possible to book your accommodation at a local B&B or campsite.



The highly motivated team of tutors has a wide experience with chamber music from different style periods. They are renowned players of both modern and period instruments. They are members of international ensembles and orchestras. They constantly feed the Apollo Ensemble with their expertise and will share their knowledge with the students during the Summer Academy period.

David Rabinovich, violin / conductor of the Beethoven orchestra
After all these years of teaching at the Apollo Summer Academy, I realize that the most important thing for me is the process: from the chaos on the first day, when people are struggling hard to find any notes and fight with their instruments … they step by step come to the realization that someone else who is in the same room, is doing something very relevant to their struggle. That’s the moment when the struggling stops and the music begins.
I think this is the most important thing in life: Somebody else in the room is there for you.

Catherine Manson, violin
(will not be present)
Playing chamber music is a way to enter the most personal thought-world of the great composers. Exploring this music is a lifelong adventure and a large part of my life is devoted to helping others find their way into this wonderland.

Cassandra Luckhardt, cello
The Apollo Summer Academy 2020 will be my 4th season of teaching at this inspiring, energizing week of music-making. Musicians of all levels and ages come with just one priority — to make music together while learning. I feel incredibly lucky to be able to teach alongside such talented colleagues, where everyone wants to create the best atmosphere possible while continuing to push our students to limits they didn’t know they could reach. Because we work, eat and sleep in the same building, the week allows us to get to know each other in a very personal way; rather than working with a student for a few hours, we spend an entire week together, playing and discussing, not only music but life. The Beethoven symphony that many students work on, will give some an experience of orchestra playing that they have never had before, while other ensembles work intensively on a duo, investigating every nuance of the piece and of interpretation. In short, it is a highlight of my year and I’m already looking forward to the next one!

Robert de Bree, recorder, oboe
15 years ago I came to the Apollo Summer Academy for the first time as a student. I kept coming, because of the intoxicating mix of fantastic staff, the family-like feeling with the other students and the unique way of dealing with chamber music.
Now, all these years later, I feel honoured to be able to join the course once again, as a teacher. I have always loved teaching, because learning to me is the currency of life. In teaching I try to bring together my experiences from my versatile life, from improvisation to theatre to learning Hungarian, the Sheng and of course, learning from my students, be they 4 or 84.

Eric Hoeprich, clarinet
(will not be present)
I look forward to teaching at the Apollo Summer Academy, and particularly to working with clarinet players of all ages and types. My special interest is the history of the instrument and its repertoire – not to mention playing techniques and interesting players from the past. I hope to meet like-minded musicians and have the opportunity to share our knowledge and insights.

Stefan Blonk, horn
Te Apollo summer of music is the opportunity to play music with like-minded people. The atmosphere in Drachten is very inspiring and besides being very educational, it is also a lot of fun. I am very happy to work with my wonderful colleagues in this team of tutors. I will participate for the third time and look forward to your arrival. Are we going to form a wind octet this year? Or the Dvorak Serenade? Or a mighty eight-horn piece? Plenty of plans!

Thomas Oltheten, bassoon
Our Summer Academy – it is hard work for both students and tutors, but with great results! Not so much the performances, but the echo throughout the year – throughout the country: initiatives for ensemble playing, an inspired audience. That will give plenty of energy to recharge for a new edition of the Apollo Summer Academy

Marion Boshuizen, harpsichord/organ/piano & choir



Participants up to the age of 18 and conservatory students

  • Course (incl. lunch and dinner) € 405,00
  • Course & full board (double room) € 530,00

Participants from the age of 19

  • Course (incl. lunch and dinner) € 540,00
  • Course & full board (double room) € 665,00
  • Course & full board (single room) € 775,00

Insurance: participants are personally responsible for taking out any required instrument insurance and cancellation insurance.

The Riet Foundation (Rietfonds) can provide financial support to one or two students who are unable to fully pay the fees themselves.
Deadline for the application is 1 May 2020.

Fees for part-time Summer Academy attendance

Only want to participate in the orchestra project, the recorder consort or the choir?
There will be 1.5 hour rehearsals every day.On Saturday, there will be a dress rehearsal and a concert. The final concert is on Sunday (late in the morning).
Fees: € 110,- per person – per session, for the whole week; excluding meals, evening activities and individual lessons.

Ludwig van Beethoven’s seventh symphony is rehearsed and conducted by David Rabinovich.
We are looking for good string players and wind players (A or B level).
Choir members preferably have some choir experience and are requested to rehearse their parts.
The recorder consort participants must have level A or B.
Other options include: participation in one or two chamber music sessions every day or a combination of orchestra/choir/consort activities.

The Summer Academy does not facilitate in-house overnight accommodation for part-time participants.



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