Summer Academy

The power of ensemble play

The Apollo Summer Academy – a unique week (13 to 20 August 2023) in Warffum in Groningen. Chamber music with intensive coaching, in various line-ups, recorder ensemble, chamber orchestra, chamber choir, workshops, concerts. For a whole week, music comes first. Enthusiastic tutors and an inspiring environment in which you will make new contacts.

You can apply from now until June 1th.

Who can apply?

Musicians who want to learn more, whether they are advanced amateurs, (conservatory) students, young talents or professional musicians.
Courses are offered at various levels: A, B & C, in order to provide students with an optimal challenge at their own level. The Summer Academy is open to individual participants and established ensembles alike.

All ensembles will be categorized and their scores sent to them in advance. Participants are expected to prepare their parts before attending the course.

A. Conservatory students or highly advanced amateurs:

  • Have complete technical mastery of their parts at the start of the course and have studied the score.
  • Classes will completely focus on interpretation and ensemble playing.

B. Highly advanced amateurs:

  • Have mastery of their parts at the start of the course.
  • Classes will focus on ensemble playing, intonation and interpretation.

C. Advanced amateurs:

  • Have studied their parts before the start of the course.
  • Classes will focus on technical skills, rhythm and intonation, ensemble playing and interpretation.

What is going to happen?

Four sessions are scheduled every day; chamber music groups, recorder consort, orchestra and choir.
Each full-time student is entitled to three sessions.
When you register, you can specify whether you want to join the orchestra, recorder consort, choir or improvisation.
We apply modern tuning (a1 440 Hz) , Baroque tuning (a1 415 Hz) and Classical tuning (a1 430 Hz).

Special themes and repertoire

‘Tageszeiten’ theme
As orchestral work, we chose Haydn’s ‘Tageszeiten’ symphonies. He managed to transform morning, afternoon and evening into stunningly beautiful sounds. Before him, Telemann had also set the times of the day beautifully to music, for soloists, choir and instruments. Together with the choir and vocal soloists, we will engage in this theme. Especially for the Summer Academy’s recorder consort, Robert de Bree has set the ‘Tageszeiten’ to music anno 2023!

‘Improvisation’ theme
From 4:00 pm till 5:30 pm there will be an improvisation session. All instrumentalists and vocalists may participate. There is also an opportunity for an existing ensemble to get a special session focused on improvisation: Are you looking for more playfulness and creativity in your ensemble? Are you looking for better repertoire for your ensemble? Would you like to work on your ensemble skills in a different way? Do you want to analyze your repertoire in a playful way? Do you want to dive into music history and approach music in your own style? Or do you just really want to improvise with your ensemble in the wonderful world of classical music?

In classical Western music, all kinds of forms of ensemble improvisation existed, from playful folk music-like ostinatos to complicated forms of counterpoint. During this week I would like to focus on 1 ensemble. Together we will really dive into the depths of the music. Each day there will be an intensive workshop offering different methods to improvise as an ensemble. In the other sessions, you can work on written repertoire with our other great teachers. In the evening, we can jam together over drinks. Specific questions and requests can also be addressed.

Robert de Bree has played in an ensemble focusing on improvisation in classical music for more than 15 years and has 10 years of experience in teaching improvisation at all levels, from amateurs to conservatory students to professionals.
With Robert, things like really ‘going to the depths’ in terms of understanding and musicality, creating a safe atmosphere and having fun together while improvising are paramount.


There will also be a piece for wind instruments. We are always open to suggestions.

What will the week look like?

The Apollo Summer Academy starts on Sunday evening 13 August.
The daily schedule – from Monday morning – is as follows:

  • First session 9:15 am– 10:45 am Chamber music
  • Second session 11:15 am- 12:45 am Chamber music / Choir
  • Lunch 1:00 pm– 1:45 pm
  • Third session 2:00 pm- 4:00 pm Chamber music / orchestra / recorder consort
  • Fourth session 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm Chamber music / improvisation
  • Dinner 6:00 pm
  • Evening program 8:00 pm

Summer Academy & Festival Via Musica
From the chamber music ensembles in category A (professional level), one ensemble will be selected to give a paid concert at the Festival Via Musica 2022. This applies to both existing ensembles as to ensembles that were specially formed for the summer academy.
For more information on this festival, see:


Most applicants subscribe to the full course. If this is a bit too demanding, you can also apply for individual parts of the curriculum:

  • Orchestra only
  • Recorder consort only
  • Choir only
  • Just improvisation
  • Two sessions: a choice from the above options


The Apollo Summer Academy is held in Warffum, in de Kunstkerk. Lessons take place here and food is served here as well.
Overnight accommodation will be booked in various houses and B & Bs in the area. There is a limited number of places available.
Of course you can also opt for an overnight stay at a campsite in the area.


The highly motivated team of tutors have a wide experience with chamber music from different style periods. They are renowned players of both modern and period instruments. All are members of international ensembles and orchestras. This wealth of experience is embedded in the Apollo Ensemble and transferred to the participants during the summer academy.

David Rabinovich – violin & conductor
Cassandra Luckhardt – cello & viola da gamba
Robert de Bree – recorder, improvisation & conductor recorder consort
Stefan Blonk – horn
Thomas Oltheten – bassoon, dulcian
Marion Boshuizen – harpsichord / organ / piano & choir
Renate Arends – vocals (subject to change)


Participants up to the age of 18 and conservatory students
• Course (including lunch and dinner) € 445.00
• Full board course (double room) € 570.00

Participants from the age of 19
• Course (including lunch and dinner) € 505.00
• Full board course (double room) € 710.00
• Full board course (single room) € 830.00

Fees for the parttime Summer Academy:
Only want to participate in the orchestra project, the recorder consort or the choir?
There will be 1.5 hour rehearsals every day.On Saturday, there will be a dress rehearsal and a concert. The final concert is on Sunday (late in the morning).
Fees: € 125,- per person – per session, for the whole week; excluding meals, evening activities and individual lessons.
It is not possible to spend the night if you participate part-time in the Summer Academy.

Participants must personally take care of any instrument insurance and cancellation insurance.

The “Rietfonds” offers the option of support to one or two students who cannot fully fund the course.  Please note: the application deadline is July 1, 2021

For more information, mail / call: /tel: 0031 320-227718


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