German delight!

‘German delight!’ – music that touches the heart and lifts the mind

The Apollo Ensemble plays Bach, Händel and Telemann
David Rabinovich & Daphne Oltheten, violin
Thomas Oltheten, bassoon
Marion Boshuizen, harpsichord

A lot of music was not written for big occasions, but rather to be played in a small circle, at home, with friends and colleagues. Music for ‘Kenner und Liebhaber’, as Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach would call it. Precisely because this music was not intended for a large audience and was often performed by colleagues, composers were able to indulge themselves and pull out all the stops.
The Apollo Ensemble musicians retreated in their homes while a dangerous virus caused havoc in the outside world (as if they were characters in Boccaccio’s Decamerone). They did the obvious thing, a thing that made them happy again: they played music together. Music by Bach, Handel and Telemann, composers whom they now know better than their own mothers. And so this program was born with that wonderful music that touches the heart and uplifts the mind.


  • G.F Händel: Concerto a quattre in d, voor 2 violen, fagot en bc

  • J.S. Bach: TrioSonate in Es BWV 525 voor 2 violen en bc

  • G.Ph. Telemann: Quartet in D,TWV 43: D2 voor 2 violen, fagot en bc

  • G.Ph. Telemann: Gulliver suite voor 2 violen

  • J.S. Bach: Trio Sonate in d BWV 527 voor 2 violen en bc

  • G.Ph. Telemann: Quartet in d (Tafelmusik) voor fagot, 2 violen en bc

Admission € 20.00
Friends of the Apollo Ensemble can enter their code for a free ticket, either for Ens or Dronten.
If Friends go to Leeuwarden, they can get the price of their ticket back through us.

This concert series is also the presentation of the ”German Delight’CD.

  • A day in the Noordoostpolder.
    The former reformed church in Ens (built in 1953) is the responsibility of Flevoland Heritage ( and is, in addition to being a beautiful location for chamber music, also worth a visit as a church. To get an idea of the architectural style and life in the Noordoospolder shortly after the Second World War, it is also nice to visit the Polman museum house (built in 1956). Huis Polman | Museumhuizen You will then receive a 50% discount when you show your concert ticket.



  • Datum / tijd


  • 03-09-2021
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  • 03-09-2021 - 8:15 pm-9:20 pm
    Leeuwarden, Doopsgezinde kerk
  • 04-09-2021 - 11:00 am - 0:15 pm
    Ens, voormalige Herv. Kerk
  • 04-09-2021 - 3:30 pm - 4:45 pm
    Ens, voormalige Herv. Kerk
  • 05-09-2021 - 3:00 pm - 4:15 pm
    Dronten, Hofzaal Warmonderhof