On November 22, the Apollo Ensemble will play a program full of absolute masterpieces from the Classical period in the Agora in Lelystad. So, rightly and appropriately called The Classics!

They begin with perhaps the most famous and most frequently performed of all Mozart’s symphonies: No. 40 in G minor, also called the Great G minor symphony (in addition to the ‘Small’ g minor symphony, which the Apollo Ensemble will play on March 7, 2021 here in ‘De Waalse Kerk’). Its popularity is especially true for the opening, which everyone will recognize. Johannes Brahms, who managed to add the original score to his collection, considered it to be ‘the crowning glory of his manuscript collection’. Mozart wrote the symphony in 1788, three years before his death. Although the piece as such is regarded as one of his ‘later’ works, the original line-up is by contrast remarkably ‘early’: flute, 2 oboes, 2 horns, 2 bassoons and strings. It was only later that Mozart added clarinets. The Apollo Ensemble will perform the piece in this original line-up, so without clarinets.

The second masterpiece of the evening is Joseph Haydn’s 11th Piano Concerto in D major, which dates back to around 1780. The strong influence Haydn and Mozart have had on each other can be clearly recognized in this piece. The concert is written very imaginatively, has a beautiful poetic middle section and an extremely lively, humorous closing section. You could say that Haydn highlights Mozart’s lively side and Schubert’s tragic side. The 11th Piano Concerto thus forms a wonderful connection between these classical masterpieces.

Franz Schubert is best known to many for his imposing oeuvre of romantic songs, but he is also firmly rooted in the classical tradition. In 1816 – at the age of 19! – he was greatly inspired for his 5th symphony in B ♭ major by Mozart’s 40th. He even chose the same line-up. Very special, as Schubert’s other symphonies have a more extensive line-up. The end result and final piece of the evening are impressive: a typical Schubert, with clear echos of Mozart’s 40th symphony.

This program is played in the context of Festival Via Musica– Goethe edition

W.A. Mozart Symfonie nr. 40 in g mineur (KV 550)
J. Haydn Pianoconcert nr. 11 (Hob. XVIII/11)
F. Schubert Symfonie nr. 5 in B♭ majeur (D 485)

David Rabinovich – artistic director
Marion Boshuizen – fortepiano

Admission: € 25,00


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  • 22-11-2020 - 1 pm
    Lelystad, Agora
    Agorabaan 12