Brockes Passion triptych part three:
J.S. Bach’s St John Passion

This concert series has been canceled due to the measures regarding the corona virus
The chorale night has also been canceled.

  • If you have already purchased tickets, consider asking the relevant concert organization if you can donate the money to the ensemble. The musicians have suffered a great financial setback: at the height of the music year, a month’s income is lost.
  • In previous years 2 very nice DVDs were released, the Brockes-passion by Händel and the Brockes-passion by Telemann. These are now for sale at only € 25,- per DVD.
    With these DVDs you can enjoy the passions at home and compensate the musicians somewhat for their loss of income.

After the release of two breathtaking, but very different Brockes Passions by Handel and Telemann, Bach may have very likely been inspired by these works. The result: his wondrously beautiful St John Passion!
Being a cantor in the service of the Leipzig Church, he did not have the freedom to compose a passion based on the beautiful poetic texts by Barthold Brockes. However, Bach manages to use a number of Brockes’ texts via the arias. For those who have heard the Brockes Passions by Handel and Telemann, it is clear that Bach was inspired greatly by them and very cleverly used this in his St John Passion.
The Apollo Ensemble will perform this work eight times throughout the country, with eight singers and instrumental ensemble. A photo project will bring everything to life and involves potential audiences in the timelessness of this work. Read more . . .

Unfortunately, the chorale night is also canceled.
We are still hoping to organize it at some time in the future, but at the moment we cannot say when.

Brockeswijzer Fotoproject

Renate Arends & Elvire Beekhuizen, soprano
Franske van der Wiel & Nicola Wemyss, alto
Falco van Loon & Pablo Gregorian, tenor
Michiel Meijer & Robbert Muuse, bass

Violin 1: David Rabinovich, Liesbeth Nijs (viola d’amore) & Daphne Oltheten
Violin 2: Marc Cooper & Lilia Slavny
Viola: Luc Gysbregts (viola d’amore)
Cello and viola da gamba: Cassandra Luckhardt
Double bass: Beltane Ruiz
Oboe: Ofer Frenkel & Daniel Lanthier/Allison Smith,
Flute: Kate Clark & Marion Moonen
Bassoon: Thomas Oltheten
Harpsichord: Marion Boshuizen



  • Datum / tijd


  • 20-03-2020 - 19:30
    Almere-Haven, Goede Rede
  • 21-03-2020
    Ede, Edesche concertzaal
  • 22-03-2020
    Beek, Sint Bartholomaeuskerk
  • 24-03-2020
    Dronten, De Meerpaal
  • 25-03-2020
    Emmeloord, 't Voorhuys
  • 27-03-2020
    Baarn, Pauluskerk
  • 28-03-2020
    Alphen a/d Rijn, Oudhoornse kerk
    € 35,00, vrienden € 27,50
  • 29-03-2020
    Olderberkoop, Bonifatiuskerk