Beethoven & Mendelssohn

Beethoven’s Egmont & Mendelssohn’s Walpurgis night

Tales of Freedom, Music to lyrics by Goethe.
Egmont is the story of the courageous Dutch nobleman, Lamoral of Egmont, who, during the Eighty Years’ War, always tried to accomplish things through diplomacy and consultation. This would result in his death. The story of the first Walpurgis night has a more positive ending. An ancient Germanic custom, a pagan celebration on Mount Brockes in the Harz, was banned by the Christians. But with humor and a ruse, people manage to get around this issue.

Renate Arends & Elisabeth Blom, soprano
Franske van der Wiel & Rosina Fabius, alto
Francis Ng & Pablo Gregorian, tenor
Michiel Meijer & Bert van de Wetering, bass
Daphne Oltheten & Tomoe Badiarova, violin
Yoshiko Morita, viola; Jacopo Ristori, cello
Jesse Solway, double bass
Florencia Gomez, flute; Robert de Bree, oebo
Alejandro Fariña, clarinet; Stefan Blonk, horn;
Thomas Oltheten, bassoon; Rob van der Sterren, percussion
Marleen Prins, stage direction