2 July 2020

Swallow concerts
June 6

"Where the swallow builds its nest, prosperity will rule"

After times of hardship, the winter period when everything comes to a hold, the arrival of the swallow indicates that there is again freedom to create space and to shape new ideas. That is why we chose this energetic bird as the symbol for our concerts, to enjoy the freedom of live music with our musicians and our audience.

Thanks to the many friends of the Apollo Ensemble who supported us when everything suddenly stopped, we were able to organize these concerts. We think it is great that we can convert this support into sounds and we invite everyone to visit the Swallow concerts.

Door het wegvallen van de passie-concerten en de andere concerten is er een grote muzikale leegte ontstaan.
Deze kunnen we voor u gedeeltelijk invullen met onze Dvd’s en Cd’s!
De opbrengst uit de verkoop gaat in het door de stichting Apollo opgerichte “noodfonds”
Hiermee gaan we de financiële leegte die door de crisis bij de musici is ontstaan gedeeltelijk aanvullen zodat we zodra het kan weer vol energie mooie concerten kunnen geven!
6 June 2020

Kick-off concerts Festival Via Musica

Sturm und Drang – the age of the genius The ‘Sturm-und-Drang’ period in the 18th century originated in literature. A group of young authors (including Goethe) stood up for the freedom of the individual, the confidence in one’s own abilities and the power of original genius.

2 July 2020

Summer Academy 2020

The Apollo Summer Academy will be held for the fifth year this summer in the Karmelklooster (a former nunnery) in Drachten. A week of complete music-making includes chamber music, an orchestra project focusing on Beethoven’s 7th Symphony, a choir, workshops and concerts by both students and faculty. A renowned faculty in an inspiring environment where you will make musical friends to last a lifetime.

Apollo Ensemble

Muziek is een universele levende taal van ons allemaal.
Een taal die je kan leren, spelen en delen.

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